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Looking for automatic driving lessons in Telford with DTL Driving School. We pride ourselves in offering quality, reliability, experience and much more. Learn to drive with DTL Driving School and receive an excellent service and enjoyable driving lessons.


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Automatic Driving Lessons Telford

You can choose between a manual or automatic car for your lessons. Some people prefer the automatic car for a number of reasons.

Automatic cars are a lot easier to drive as there are no gear changes to make. There is no clutch to control and therefore alot less work is required while driving. Driving on busy roads, stopping and starting requires less effort.

NO Clutch - NO Gears - No Stalling

It is also safer to drive an automatic car as both hands can be kept on the steering wheel at all times. Changing gears can also be tiresome for some so choosing to take your lessons in an automatic car will prove to be less tiring.

Taking your driving lessons and driving test in an automatic will prove to be alot faster and cheaper as less lessons will be needed.

Alot of learners now opt for automatic driving lessons Telford and pass their driving tests in a shorter time.



So if you are looking for an excellent service at a great price then you have come to the right place. Quality driving lessons Telford with a fully qualified driving instructor.

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